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    What is Tungsten carbide rods

    Tungsten carbide alloy

    As cemented tungsten carbides satisfying changing technical demands In milling and turning operations, It is considered a key material for cutting-tool inserts. Ceramic-metallic compounds and ceramics are being produced and used as replacements for emented tungsten carbide in order to fulfill varying market demands. Demand for more distinctive metal, tungsten, is persistently growing owing to rapid development in national defense. civil and war industries throughout the globe Tungsten carbide manufacture involves a complex sequence of operation,unique to this industiy, in which almost every factor is critical to success 

    The original, and still the basic. product consists of fine tungsten carbide particles-the hard and abrasion-resistant constituent-bonded with tough,comparatively soft, metallic cobalt. Tungsten carbidecansupplemented or substituted by other hard constituents, such as the carbides or nitrides of other refractory metal, typically titanium, tantalum,niobium, chromium, vanadium, molybdenum or hafnium, independently or in combination, whilst the cobalt may similarly be alloyed with,or substituted by, nickel, nickel-molybdenum or similar metallic elements the sintered product has often been compared to bricks or mortar, the comparison being true to the extent that the mortar (cobalt) is liquid Ind set solidly on being cooled from the sintering temperature.However,carbide is very much harder than brick and cobalt substantially tougher than mortar.

    Typical stages of manufacture are Production of tungsten metal powder(tungsten ore refine to tungs netal). Preparation of tungsten carbide (the progression from tungsten powder to tungsten monocarbide WC generally termed tungsten carbide)

    Preparation of alloyed and other carbides (mix many kinds of metal according to certain proportion)

    Admixture of cobalt to Produce grade powders Addition of Pressing lubricant Pressing Pre-sintering Sharpening

    Final sintering(usualy use vacuum sintering

    Hot isostatic Pressing(HIP)

    The Product is rarely used as sintered, but is generally ground polished, shot-blasted, plated or coated to create a more accurate form or a still harder and more wear-resistant surface.

    Introduce( detail):

    1, Tungsten Carbide Rod

    We supply premium grade tungsten carbide rod from stock in unground

    Recommended Grade for tungsten carbide rod: YG6, YG8, YG6X,

    YG012,YG013,YG8 A etdet cetera and so forth

    Tungsten carbide rod applications include drill bits, end mills, and reamers. Customdiameters and length are alsavailable in these grades as well ametric sizes.

    We are ISo 900 certified manufacturer of tungsten carbide cutting tool components for turning, milling, drilling, grooving and threading applications. We have over 10 years of experience manufacturing cemented tungsten carbideproducts. Our company' expertise in grade development, manufacturing, and application engineeringassure customers the best choice for their unique requirements. Our advanced pressing and shaping systemsgive us thalexibility to offernumerous grades and sizes tungsten carbide rods.

    Tungsten carbide rods are mostly applied for end mill and drill with sub-micron grain grade Yo10x, for non-ferrous and for fibreglass reinforced plastics titanium alloys, hardened steel with Ultra-fine grain grade YGsx. ed

    Our Carbide rods have a gocshock resistance and bending rest in use, It you have any special needs rods, please do not hesitate to call, fax. or e-mail us. Our team will answer all of your questions in a time.   


    Tungsten Carbide Rods are manufactured as standards with one, two, or three holes, straight or twisted to a 30 or 40 dbgliax.or Solid with no holes. All rods are available in standard lengths of 310 and 330 mm Custom lengths available by request Series of cemented carbide rods

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